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Brown's Mill Cemetery

This graveyard is located directly south of the Brown's Mill schoolhouse, near Kauffman Station. This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Antrim Township, with legible markers dating back to the 1770s. It is now owned by Franklin County Historical Society – Kittochtinny.

The cemetery is enclosed by a wrought iron fence on iron posts. There is a single pedestrian gate, located on the south west [part of the fence. There is a double vehicle gate located in the middle of the south boundary fence.

The church originally associated with this cemetery was locally known as "Trinity Church". A school was erected in connection with the church in 1836. The school still stands and has become a historic landmark. The land for the school was donated by Lazarus Brown, who is buried here.

In the central part of the cemetery, inside of the large vehicle gate, there is a large, reddish sandstone marker, having a bronze plaque, which bears the following inscription:

                                    “Erected by the Franklin County Chapter Daughters

                                    Of the American Revolution and the Kittochtinny

                                    Historical Society”

The cemetery is a burial ground for many Revolutionary Soldiers from Franklin County. During a GPR search of the cemetery in May, 22 unmarked graves have been identified.

Franklin County Historical Society is in the process of renovating and improving the appearance of the cemetery for the celebration of America 250 in 2025.

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