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If you find a photo name in the lists that you might want to buy, please write down the file name (.jpg) and then send an email to Jenny ( In the Subject line of the email please state "Digital Photo", in the body of the email please list the name of the photo (include all characters)  and then provide your name, street address and phone number.


We will find the photo and then send it to you to see if that is the photo you want. The photo will have a large watermark on it. If the photo is what you want to buy then you can go to our Online Store and legally purchase the Digital copy of the photo.

When at the store click on Digital Photo product, which will be on the feature page. You will now go through the process of ordering the photo.

When you come to the screen where you will add your credit card number, etc. you will see a box that says “Leave us a note about your order”. This is where you will enter the complete file name you wrote down previously. See sample here.

Now click the Pay button and we will receive and start to process your order.

After this process you will receive the original digital copy of the photo without watermark in your email.    

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