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Over the past few years we had volunteers sit at a computer and scan photo glass negatives  from M. P. Mumper Photography which was located in Chambersburg, Pa at 99 South Main Street. (Above the Candy Kitchen) These photos are from the time period 1918 to the 1940s. We are making these photos available to the general public for a nominal fee. If you desire one or more of the photos we will send the photo/s to you digital via your email address.

Vintage Sailors

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You must click and open an album before doing a search!!
 Please read all of the info below to help with a purchase of photo.


If you find a photo you would like to purchase then you must click the button ORDER PHOTOS on the next screen that will go to our online store. IMPORTANT: Before clicking to go to online store make sure you write down the complete description/file name of the photo. EXAMPLES. (Adams, Jaye 50144 or Taylor, W. G., 1344, -n). Please be specific. We need the complete file name so we can locate the correct photo to send to you.

When at the store click on Digital Photo product, which will be on the feature page. You will now go through the process of ordering the photo.

When you come to the screen where you will add your credit card number, etc. you will see a box that says “Leave us a note about your order”. This is where you will enter the complete file name you wrote down previously. See sample here.

Now click the Pay button and we will receive and start to process your order.

Your order will be sent to your email address as a digital photo without the large “X”.