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Digital Photos

We have over 12,000 digital photos dating from 1920 to 1940s available for purchase. These photos came from M.B. Mumper photography in Chambersburg. Click the button to the left to view a list of these photos. You may purchase digital copies of photos for $5.00 each.

7 high school basketball Chambersburg Pa.jpg

Over the past few years we had volunteers sit at a computer and scan photo glass negatives  from M. P. Mumper Photography which was located in Chambersburg, Pa at 99 South Main Street. (Above the Candy Kitchen) These photos are from the time period 1918 to the 1940s. We are making these photos available to the general public for a nominal fee. If you desire one or more of the photos we will send the photo/s to you digital via your email address.

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