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St. Thomas Toll House

On Lincoln Way West just west of St. Thomas, PA.

Not open for tours at this time.

Toll House.jpg
Toll House.jpg

Chambersburg and Bedford Turnpike Road Company Toll House is a historic toll house located at St. Thomas Township in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. It was built about 1818, and is a two-story, three-bay wide, limestone building. It was owned by the Chambersburg and Bedford Turnpike Road Company until, when it was sold for $60.00.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.


In 2008 St. Thomas Development Inc. donated an 1810 limestone Tollhouse and parcel of land around it to Franklin County Historical Society – Kittochtinny.

The 198-year old structure served the Chambersburg and Bedford Turnpike Road Company for 100 years ending around 1914. It was part of the real estate included in the 2003 purchase from the former owner, Mt. Brooke Orchards, Inc.

The Tollhouse, constructed of coarse, native limestone and known as Tollhouse Number Two, is believed to be a pre-existing structure built by the Campbell family and used as a distillery.


Tollhouse Number One was located in Chambersburg just west of the point where Shively Motors is today.

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