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Links Of Interest and Our Partners

Links to Franklin County Historical Society
Links to Franklin County Historical Society

Appalachian Trail Museum - dedicated to the history of the Appalachian Trail.

Conococheague Institute - early settlement and French and Indian War history in the "Welsh Run" area of Franklin County.

Explore Franklin County - site of the Franklin County Visitor Bureau.

Franklin County Archives - search Franklin County, PA archives.

Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce - with links to area and Civil War Seminar information.

Valley of the Shadow - a major project on the experiences of two counties in the Civil War (Augusta County, VA, and Franklin County, PA) that covers the years 1859 - 1870 (includes newspaper archives).

Many people become curious about their family history and decide to do research to learn more. For some, this process can be surprisingly simple, but for many people, researching their genealogy is a time-consuming task that can take years. But in the end, uncovering your family history can be a fascinating hobby that helps you to learn more about your roots.

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